What is metaphysics?
     Felipe Bonal

Is the concept of personal identity dispensable?
     Brian Roberts

‘Consciousness’ in non-human animals and machines
     George Leedham

Determinism, indeterminism and free will
     Christopher Coyle

An examination of Kant’s ‘Refutation of Idealism’
     David Mikos

Is it rational to fear death?
     Sara Richards

Freud at the theater – reviewing Cartesian dualism
     Emiliano Melchiorre

‘All that exists are atoms and the void’ (Democritus)
     Worapol Hitamata

Does thought entail the possession of language?
     A’Amer Ather

Metaphysics and the pursuit of the ‘ultimate’
     Sean Reynaud

When Dr Johnson kicked the stone
     Jean Hogan

Hume’s account of the self
     Basil Al Mousa

Empedocles and Heraclitus on change – a dialogue
     Abazie Enyinna

Meaning and knowledge of truth conditions
     Tom Georgeson

Realism, anti-realism and pragmatism
     Graham Hackett

The analogy between moments in time and positions in space
     Bernd Kiekebusch

Qualia in philosophical discussion
     Stephen Lumsden

‘You never step into the same river twice’ (Heraclitus)
     Gregory Rowden

Proper names and Russell’s Theory of Descriptions
     Lewis Hosie

Our moral obligations towards animals
     Gordon Conroy

What is philosophy?
     David Young

The reality of possible worlds
     Ricco Leung

Wittgenstein on pictorial form
     David Joseph

Why does language matter to philosophy?
     Ziad Abouabsi

Knowing our own mental states
     Brendan Jennings

Mind-body interactionism and epiphenomenalism
     Laura Laine Kelley

Anti-realism and historical truth
     Bill Dibb

Philosophical significance of zombies and disembodiment
     Paul Simpson

Philosophy and the mind-body problem
     Ben O’Hare

Knowing another mind
     Paul Martinus

Determinism, free will and punishment
     Robert Nagaj

Wittgenstein’s sensation ‘S’
     Graham Frew

Essay moderator: Geoffrey Klempner

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